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Keeping the church and the members connected during COVID-19 is proving to be a challenge that caught many local churches off guard. Dr. John W. Bosman shares insights on how you can stay connected effectively with all the households in your church, using the structure (you may not realize) you already have in place. Watch the video below.
Now Available!
You've read the Care Revolution Text Book, which describes WHY we need a new paradigm for Pastoral Care (see below). Now... read the book describing the HOW... Care Revolution: The Handbook  for Pastors and Leaders. This NEW book provides step-by-step instructions "for Implementing an Effective Care Ministry!"

Also available... Care RevolutionThe Handbook for Participants. This book is for church members who will serve in the care ministry network

Learn more on our dedicated Care Ministry website... click here 

The Care Revolution book,

by Dr. John W. Bosman.

Learn more on our dedicated Care Ministry website... click here