Gifts & Ministries in the Local Church
Probably the only thing worse than someone not involved in ministry, is someone involved in the wrong ministry. Gifts and Ministries in the Local Church will enable and equip the right people to become involved in the right ministry. This 14-lesson series not only helps believers discover their gifts and ministries in the Body of Christ, but also how to apply them. It is an incredibly powerful tool for pastors and an eye-opening experience for believers. After this course, pastors will have new, enthusiastic workers, while believers will be encouraged and excited about their newly discovered ministries! This is likely one of the most extensive courses on the subject.

This exceptional course includes:

  • Ministry Within The Local Church
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • A Closer Look At Ministry
  • More About Spiritual Gifts
  • Discovering And Using Your Spiritual Gifts
  • Usefulness: A Command, Not A Suggestion
  • Classification Of Gifts
  • The Gifts Defined
  • Bridging The Gap
  • Operation In The Gifts
  • Motivational Gifts
  • Equipping Gifts